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Another Green World – First Post

December 27, 2006

I opened this blog in mid-2006, with some intensions and ideas, but events (work and life) overtook any urge to spend time writing. So consider this an early New Year’s resolution for 2007.

‘Another Green World’ is the title of my favourite Brian Eno album. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite album of all time, but it is one that has been a favourite since the late 80s. Strangely, considering his reputation for ‘ambient’ music, I prefer his earlier vocal LPs – the ones he made between leaving Roxy Music and going completely instrumental, and which pre-figured most of the interesting (arty) side of post-punk. ‘Another Green World’ is the bridge between the two – it contains atmospheric pieces that evoke strange emotions, and two of his best songs (‘St.Elmo’s Fire’ and ‘I’ll Come Running’) which do the same. I couldn’t even begin to explain how or why.